Week 24: Sushi

Week 24 of my comfort zone challenge, and this week I tried a bit of the Sushi experience!

Madly, I’d never tried this Japanese delight before. You know the only reason I think I hadn’t been before is because the thought of eating raw fish was never really that appetizing.

You ask anyone close to me, you’ll know I’m a big meat eater. Any meal, has to have meat in it. Fish, tends to take a real back seat role in my diet because of this.

Taken by friends, we went to Moshimo in Brighton, and I embarked on my first Sushi experience. I made sure that I didn’t wear a tie, haven’t seen Johnny English…

The main issue for me was working out how to use the chopsticks. Something I’ve never been able to do, and still can’t. I had cramp in my hand by the end of the night!

Trying to use chopsticks
Trying to use chopsticks

We managed to order a boat, yes a boat, full of the Sushi delights. I couldn’t tell you what was on there, as throughout the night I had no idea what I was eating. . You’d just pick a dish you like the look of from the conveyor belt, and just be charged for the plate. I tried a bit of everything, and on the whole LOVED it all. It was blooming lovely.

The boat!
The boat!

Puddings were slightly odd, but the fish it self was a different kettle of fish (pun intended). Without feeling like I had eaten much, I soon felt full. Must have been the rice that went with it all.

Finally did it!
Finally did it!

What I loved about it was the relaxed atmosphere in the restaurant. You’d literally sit down, order a drink, pick bits from the conveyor belt, pay and go. So much quicker and easier, than your usual sit down meal. I can see why it’s so popular, and would certainly go again!

Not sure if I kept to the etiquette of Sushi goers, and I’m still trying to work out using chopsticks, I’ll get there one day, but I do implore everyone that hasn’t tried Sushi to give it a go!


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