Week 21: Facial Massage

Straight away, I know what you’re thinking, massage… Outside my comfort zone? This definitely is. Those that know me, know I cannot stand my Adam’s apple being touched, or even be flirted with being touched. In fact, I get uncomfortable even writing about touching it. I’ve also never had a professional massage, which is something I’ve always been intrigued by.

I have to admit I found the whole process extraordinarily awkward. Walking into the spa, a place that’s awkward for any guy to walk into (though it probably shouldn’t be). I tried to make out that the booking was a present to the girls working there, that’s how awkward I had gotten.

Before the massage started, I was asked all sorts of questions about my skin, to which I had no idea on the answers. I’d never thought about if my skin is oily or dry before, and what my perfect skin would be. All the while, there was this strange soothing music in the background, to help you relax.


I took of my top, and went under the towel and waited for the lady to come back into the room. She then wrapped me up into the towel, so I was almost in a cocoon. Dimmed the lights down, and then began.

I shut my eyes, as she began and let her do her work. I have literally no idea what she put on my face, loads of different oils and creams, some warm, some cold. Occasionally, she put something on my eyes… I THINK this was cucumbers? That happens right? I didn’t want to ask. It was all fine and dandy whilst the oils were going on my face, and was actually bliss when she started giving a head massage. But she had to go the neck and touch the Adam’s apple. She wasn’t to know to be fair. I’d find myself almost cringing everytime she touched it. Fortunately, she ended up with the head massage once again, and I left in a relaxed state. (Almost fell asleep a couple of times).

Don't touch my Adam's Apple

After the massage, I got out of there as quick as possible. It was nice, but so weird. Not sure I’d do it again, and not sure I understand why people go regularly. Just a generally strange experience I thought. Mind you, my face did feel so soft for the rest of the day, and smelt incredible. Maybe that has something to do with it?