Week 19: Modelling

Before I start writing anything, I must say this weeks challenge was ‘Modelling’ in the loosest sense of the word. I think it was more a ‘take pictures of any Tom, Dick or Harry, that is up for wearing a ridiculous outfit.’ I happened to be that Tom. When referring to myself as a model through this, I’ll put it in inverted commas, as it would be an insult to all models in the world to label myself in the same category.

The opportunity came about via LinkedIn, as Kate was after amateur models (not sure I could even class myself as that). Not knowing what I was signing up for, Kate gave me a call to explain what I would be ‘modelling’ for. Wait for it. The Crazy Golf World Championships. Once I stopped laughing, I could hardly turn down such an opportunity.

I arrived to the ‘shoot’ 5 minutes late, to which Kate said to me “Tom, you’re such a rockstar” to welcome me. Believe me, what came about in the next 3 hours was not rockstar behaviour.

Dressed in ill-fitting golfers outfit from the 50’s, I would proceed to pose in some crazy positions around the 3 crazy golf courses. From the windmill, to the pirate boat, to the house, to even on the beach. Simon (the other ‘model’) and I, put on our best picture faces here, there and everywhere. Our photographer, put us in all sorts of poses, and as the morning went on, the poses started to become camper and camper! Maybe we just got too into it. At times I would be lying on the floor, at times crouched down and at times with my legs standing out, and doing my best to look over the top excited.

What have I signed up for here?
What have I signed up for here?

I’ll admit, there were absolutely times where I thought “I’ve gone too far this week”. Especially as the course was starting to get busy, and there were a few looks. All in the name of PR though. Besides, it was absolutely hilarious at times. If you can’t laugh at yourself, then who can you laugh at?

One thing I completely under rated just how long it takes to get some good pictures. I thought it would be a 20 minute, take a couple of pictures, gig and shoot home. Three hours and hundreds of pictures later, I was quite relieved to be finished. Maybe it was more the ‘modelling’ that was the issue. It needed all that time to get the one picture they used.

Crazy Golf Modelling
It’s safe to say I won’t be the face of Calvin Klein anytime soon, but you’ll probably see my face in the local media promoting the World Crazy Golf Championships at Hastings Adventure Golf in the coming weeks. There’s a sentence I’d never thought I’d say.

NOTE: I’ll upload a few of the professional pictures once they have hit the media. I’m not allowed to leak them early!


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