Week 38: Quiz Master

This week I took on the task of being Quiz Master for Little Common Ramblers Cricket Club.

This involved writing the quiz, all the way to delivering the quiz on the night. In true Tom Rose fashion, I left writing the quiz until the afternoon of the event, which did not give me much time to prepare. Thanks to my good friend Google and a little bit of help from colleagues I managed to put together a quiz of 7 rounds.

Throughout this part the rounds consisted of three main rules:
– A couple of easy questions (to keep people interested)
– A few hard questions
– A question that I would find funny
– All questions easy pronounceable for myself – I’m not embarrassing myself trying to prounouce anemone (Uh-nem-uh-nee) or anything similar


Quiz prepared, it is time for the quiz itself. Having spent half an hour trying to make the speakers work, whilst hiding the quiz from contestants. I found myself running a bit late. Fortunately, I wasn’t responsible for any of the other parts of the quiz, I would have forgotten pens for a start!

Microphone, questions, Beer.. 3 ingredients of a quiz master
Microphone, questions, Beer.. 3 ingredients of a quiz master

It’s safe to say the power of being a quiz master went to my head. The two rules of the quiz were no cheating, and the quiz masters word is final. This is all well and good to begin with, but after my beer a round, to settle the nerves, my decisions became ropey as the night went on.

Hard at work
Hard at work

I didn’t do too bad I don’t think… Once the alcohol had settled and the nerves had gone. I soon started to enjoy the role. People really get into a quiz! Most importantly it helped raise hundreds of pounds for the local cricket club, close to my heart. Up the Ramblers!


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